Benefits of HA Go



HA Go is a one-stop app integrating several HA apps with new useful features and functions. The app facilitates patients to manage health care at their fingertips more effectively. Patients can also invite family members as designated carers to manage and view their personal health records via HA Go.


More convenient management of appointment

  • Patients can view appointments in the past one year and upcoming ones, including Specialist Out-patient Clinics (SOPCs), General Out-patient Clinics (GOPCs), radiology examinations, allied health, nurse and pharmacist clinics. Patients can also receive reminders on upcoming appointment. 
  • Patients can also cancel SOPC new case appointment, Allied Health outpatient new case appointment and GOPC appointment.
  • Patients can also apply for appointment deferral and register/pay for outpatient appointment under selected clinics.

More flexible clinic appointment booking

  • HA Go provides Specialist Out-patient Clinic new case booking service and General Out-patient Clinic appointment booking, enquiry, cancellation service.

Mobile payment avoids queueing

  • HA Go will show the fees and charges due for payment. Using the mobile payment application, HA bills, drug charges and General/Specialist/Allied Health outpatient attendance fee of selected clinics can be paid at ease. Outstanding bill(s) and payment transactions made via the application are also available for review. In addition, we will continue to enhance various payment services and procedures to accommodate diversified and changing demands from patients.

Personalised health management

  • Therapists design customised treatment plans for patients in the form of multimedia formats including videos and game on HA Go, helping them do rehab exercises systemically at home or in the community.
  • HA Go allows patients to create electronic health care logs to keep track of indicators such as blood pressure and blood glucose level.
  • Patients can receive the health information and instructions prescribed by health care professionals in the form of e-pamphlets, videos, or soundtracks. 

Access medical records anytime, anywhere

  • Patients can find information on their allergy records, dispensing record(s) within 2 years.
  • Patients can also manage personal medication profile and add drug details of medication not dispensed by HA.
  • Patients can access certain types of medical documents and laboratory results. 

Facilitate patient’s health management

  • Patients can invite their family members or anyone who are taking care of them to become “carers”. Invitation could be done in the HA Go app.
  • In this initial phase, carers can access patient’s information such as clinic appointment booking, bills, medication and allergy records and rehab information through the app.
  • In the future, carers can pay fees and charges, manage clinic appointment booking for patients, etc.

View real-time queueing status on the appointment day anytime, anywhere

  • Patient can view the real-time queueing status of designated Specialist Out-patient Clinics on the appointment day after registration and payment.
  • Patient can view the real-time queueing status of Accident and Emergency Departments of designated hospitals for 24 hours after triage.